Vodka for a Sore Throat

Some people claim that using vodka (or other alcohol) can help ease the pain of a sore throat.  Sometimes they say you should take a shot, and that as the alcohol goes down your throat, the alcohol will “kill” whatever bacteria or virus is causing the discomfort and relieve the pain as well as possibly end the illness sooner.

Others claim that the vodka should be gargled (to allow maximum exposure to the throat) and then either spat out or swallowed.

Gargling alcohol definitely creates an interesting burning sensation in the throat.  As always, your results may vary to include any of the following:

– a worsening of symptoms
– mild and temporary relief (the next time you swallow, the pain is gone, but then it comes back)
– moderate relief
– substantial relief

One folk remedy calls for using vodka with black pepper added to it (no one made any claims about taste!).

Other alcohol may be substituted for vodka; some people prefer tequila, for example.